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the response on the UIA in Berlin 07/2002 was vast - so it could be a good idea to state some items how to cope through internet.


1. categories of quality
2. prizefinding
3. traffic
4. payment
5. rights


What's it all about?
Marketing. My clients sell the objects before they are ready built! That's very much easier with such pictures.
This are computer-grafic-files. So they are usable in original size and every reduction but not in every enlargement. I produce them in a matrix of pixels. Good for A3-high-quality reprints are 4000pix width and above. So i start at that size and if the reprint should be on extreme sizes remark this early on, please.

1. category of quality (this is near the term: LOD, level of detail, wich is often mentioned instead)

A: Most representative premium pictures (high end visualisations). characteristic: no one (who is not involved) can see that it comes out of a computer (- from his usual viewpoint). It looks photographed like the architectural photos in books and magazins.
Of course, this outcom depends very much on the quality of the background-photo . On the other hand: with a very good photo of the site even a simple, cost sensitive reduced building can look very sexy in the folders and advertizings.
Normally i must feel the light. If i cannot get there i need enough photos to get it in mind.

Daylight, dawn, early eavening? Most impressive is allways the combination of inner lights and a bit sun. When all colourfull shades of the materials  remain the internal lights give an expansion to the view! Unfortunately to the price also. In this category light is allways computed in radiosity so a basic realnes is included. But the tips and highlights has to be taken from the surround. And not all places heave them in all lightsituations. So: more photos! Show the ground, show the streetmaterials, show heaven and horizont. If there are some europeen cars try to catch them also that helps to build a bridge from my typical northeuropeen colors to them on your buildingplace. Show some windows reflekting landscape, peoble and other windows at thae same time the backgroundphoto was done. Are there shop- or bureau-windows in the same light-angle as  the new object will show? This supporting photos can be from a 35mm camera, positives, slides or negatives. With digitalcameras please try somethin about 1024pix width ore more. Give me the whole 360°panorama from the place the building will stand. Show me trees and shrubbs you will see in and along the building. The background-photo should be in bigger size. Best ist 6x4 or 6x6 cm slide. Sometimes 2 upstanding 35mm photos are working. But both should be made with similar settings. Be prapared to shoot some more supporting photos inbetween. In big works i use 50 to100 photos for reference and ambiente.

Sweetness: Urghhhhh.
Many people in place: If you can't get pictures like mine you perhaps need some to cover the plastic-look. My pictures show the new buildings app. 1 day before the opening. You won't let people in there. When you cross with me the edge of realness  and believability (in describing your new building) with such a work you stay in reality and there is no question where the people will be when it is opened. Perhaps you heave to remark that it's not ready yet. But of course, there are situations i need some bodyshapes. But don't use them like trees.

B: Representative picture. They are done mostly with tools 'on board' in a more early state of the projects. Also based on photos but not as intense as the premium. Believable, sometimes a bit more abstract. Often to support the premium one on the first side of the folders. Often there are not so much items fixed on the surround. Sometimes it's a set of such pictures, all in bigger size for different and multiple use - without a premium one.


2. Prizefinding

600 Eu/Day or project-prize.
Send me a scetch, skribble or draft where i can see the glass, and mirroring objects. State please, what should be the final size and reason of the printout. If there are allready some photos i would like to see them. Then i'll fax you an offer with a project-prize.

What to expect: Premium pictures about 4.000 pix. width, the background-photo is usefull and needs not much corrections, could be app. 10.000 Eu. If much photo-work is to do glass-fassades are curved and a lot of transparancy is needed - that can reach the 20.000 EU-edge. Additional pictures normally are clear cheaper.
The representative pictures are often around 7.000 to 10.000 EU.

For bigger works i would like to come to you and do the work on place. Then let's discuss the terms. Threshhold for this would be a summ of 40.000 EU and up.


3. Traffic

Even little works here in Hamburg go through the internet. I need 1 person who has every day access to an email-pc and handles my inbetween-pictures and questions to the right one on your side.

The usual way for a production is: Getting first impressions of the site and object - giving an offer - getting the order - shooting first photos - talking detailed with the architect about the construction and materials, planned - taking a set of all plans in 1:100 or 1: 200 - taking colours and marterial samples, folders, internet-adresses from some producers for reference - shooting more photos - building the 3d-model with first rough coloring  and sending them to the architects - when ok doing the textures of the material and the final renderings of the new object - fitting them into the background-photo - improving both to the best optical quality that's possible - put it on CD and send it together with a photoprint (usually A3) and the bill to the client.

Architects: May be a problem. Unpredictable. Very different reactions. The younger are often pleased about the idea to see their work some time earlier than normally. Elder and more popular ones don't like it. Sometimes they try to prevent it in advance. When they are forced to cooperate until yet they became ok, and on a special point when they could imagine the result, they became  something that could be called: 'preproud', and do use the final picture sometimes more than the original client.
Some beginn to change and create new when they get my inbetween-prictures in hand. Sometimes that evolves to problems when they can't stop to optimize the creation. So one has to stop them to a fixed date of conclusion (even for the pictures). The others do use this early pictures for deeper discussions with the client. This makes the whole work unpredictable long and you should keep this in mind when we diskuss the prize.


4. Payment

There are some typical steps in such a project as you can see in part 3. Perhaps it is a usefull approach to break the whole money in 3 peaces referring to the major steps. There is a good point when the architect (and you of course) give your ok to the 3D-models. At this point there should 1/3 of the prize become due. Next major step is the texturing when all materials are right. Then another 1/3 should become due. The last 1/3 when you got the CD and are satisfied with the result.
In some cases it could be necessarry to send a part of the whole billing as a prepayment. As you know Germany is a experienced export nation. we heave some information pools about doing business with other countries. And when the sources say: it is better to get a prepayment - i will follow.


5. Rights

You can use the pictures fully to your demands and what's legal in your area. This includes copying in every way. On the bigger reprints (plates or foils on the building site) let my on the picture, for the finer ones (folders ec) you can use the one without (enclosed on each CD).
I will use the picture for my personell marketing (including websides, exhibitions and fairs) without further inquiry. I'll take your company and the architects to my list of clients and worked-with's.



That should work to produce premium, world leading pictures of your top objects.

Thank you for your interest.

Hamburg, 08/2002


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