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we work for builders, developers and architects

The experiences with the modelling of yachts has led to cooperations
with some intern. shipyards and designers. 


Architectural-Specials: HafenCity Hamburg + yacht-models
(some text in german)

most representative graphics for real estate marketing and PR

exhibitions and more facts: see the professionell press                                                                1280 x 1024 pix.

International service: remarks


.1ARROW2.gif (697 Byte)    some projects (click on the pictures to enlarge, please!)   
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HAMBURG-AMERICA-CENTER, Hamburg HafenCity, Arch: Richard Meier & Partners Architects LLP, NY.
Client: Drees  Sommer GmbH, Hamburg

   PANTAENIUS-HAUS, Hafencity Hamburg, Quantum Immobilien AG, Hamburg, Arch: David Chipperfield Architects, London//Berlin,    
   A 0-photoprint, place from Miralles + Tagliabue, Barcelona, Spain

   Headbuilding West Cold-Storage Depot Elbkaistraße, Hamburg, A 0, Arch.: gmp vonGerkan Marg + Partner, Client: Fischmarkt 
   Hamburg-Altona GmbH,

Sandtorkai Bf3Living-- + Bureauhouse Sandtorka,i Bf 3, Hamburg, 
   Arch. Spengler-Wiescholek, Hamburg, Client: Wernst Immobilien, Buxtehude

    Multimedia-Centre Rotherbaum, Hamburg, Arc: Peter Kulka, Köln, Stadtresidenz GmbH, Hamburg

   Healthcenter Harburg, Hamburg, building display, WPE Projektentwicklung GmbH, Drees & Sommer, Hamburg, 
   Arch.: Stein Plan und Werk, Hamburg

Commercial building Neuer Wall 30, 
   TECNO Beteilungsges., Hamburg, Arch: KBNK, Hamburg

Feddersen Stiftung, Hamburg, developement,construction display 2,5 m, Arch: Joerg Burchard, Hamburg

   CiM, Hamburg, Euroland Projektierungen, Hamburg, A3, Arch: AG Horizont, Hamburg

Officebuilding Wendenstraße 21, Hamburg, Arch: Bernd Leusmann, Hamburg   Client: HIH, Hamburg, diverse Architekten, A3

Residential Bellevue 29, Hamburg, 1m, Wolfgang Matz GmbH, Hamburg

Residential Mittelweg 144, Hamburg, Arch.: Fritz, Hamburg, A0 und A1

Emil-Andresen-Straße, Hamburg, 3 x A0, Arch.: KHD Czerner, Hamburg

Erikastraße, Köhler & von Bargen GmbH, Arch.: Olszowka, Hamburg

   Das Brauhaus Hamburg - St. Pauli, Bavaria-Gelände, Arch: David Chipperfield Architects, London/Berlin

Brandstwiete 4, Hamburg, Arch: Prof. Patschan + AS-Architekten, Hamburg

   Pictures A0, Ing.-building III,  Arch.: Eckart Krebs, Bodo Jäger, Hamburg

DIN A0, Arc.: tbr-architekten, Hamburg

miwegthmb.JPG (10557 Byte)
   Reconstruction of an old trade-building in Hamburgs,, 2m, Arch. G. Baum, Spengelin & Baum, Hamburg

laermschutzhallethmp.jpg (4003 Byte)
    Hall for noise protection. Airport Hamburg, view from the runway, view from the tower


bits + bites - little things

3 Restaurants, Design:: Ramadeus, Hamburg




     This are architectural renderings inserted in photographs
    ore enlarged with photographed material.

    Some from a production of about 30-40 picts./year

    It's used mostly for marketing.

    International service

    Please, imagine the motives in sizes of 1m and above.
    This demos are reduced for the web in size and detail..

    Producing times: 1+2 weeks/pic.

    Original sized demos: CD,.

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